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Selfie, yolo, sideboob, and amazeballs have been added to the oxford dictionary. Optimism and hope have been removed.

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He is right next to you dumbfuck

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when i shine - when i’m with takaki-kun

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“These two [Yasu and Subaru] are such idiots! They go ‘hey, let’s play the pretending-to-be-dead game.’

And they just start floating in the water bath! And they stay like that for quite a long time…”

Yoko, 2008/08/06 Kagoshima Con MC

p.s. a cute fan doodle of this

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氣志團 綾小路 翔 ALS アイス・バケツ・チャレンジ  KISHIDAN Show Ayanocozey ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Poor Baka-chan…this episode was gold!!

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“He has gotten stronger at everything over the past 10 years, but his kindness never changed. He was very gentle back then, but he has only gotten kinder with the years. Jun is really kind, and not like the usual simple kindness from people. So, regarding anything I’d be worried about for Jun, there really isn’t any. He is perfect.”  Ninomiya Kazunari (AnAn 07/29/2009)

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吉沢の雑誌情報です!! ◆Sho-Comi 19号 9月5日発売 ◆mina 11月号 9月20日発売 是非ご覧下さい。 頂いたminaを熟読中。

ファッション誌を見るといつも、みんな可愛い、と言ってます…笑  @ryo_staff

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"I’ve built most of the furniture in my house. I want to get to the point where I’ve built everything. I built my couches; I built my table and chairs; I built my bed and all my bedroom furniture. There’s a couple of things on my deck that I didn’t make. Eventually I’ll get there. But I also built the house, so, you know, hey!"
~Misha Collins [x]

(photos of home interior are screencaps from Misha’s Bing commercial)

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